Turnkey solutions

We are proud to be the first contractor on the market to offer complete 360 degree solutions when it comes to establishing green, sustainable and flexible power plants. You will simply find no other contractor who is able to deliver something equivalent.

With a turnkey solution, MAKEEN Power can supply you with a project tailored exactly to your context - and managed carefully from A-Z. We cover every step on the way until the key can be turned and the door opened into a fully functional power plant.

Solutions tailored to your needs and site

When we start off a new project, the first item on the agenda is to disclose and analyse your energy needs and investigate the market in which you are operating. This creates a solid foundation for developing a turnkey solution that matches both your needs and site.

Whether you have a detailed plan or maybe just have an area in mind, MAKEEN Power is ready to set in to develop and execute a turnkey solution for the power plant. It is of great importance to us that the solution suits your requirements regarding the plant itself as well as the settings around it.

When constructing the power plant, important decisions include the choice between new or pre-owned equipment as well as a calculation of capacity. Another vital element is the plant technology. And with our year-long experience and thorough knowledge, we are able to develop a technology that fits precisely into your context and plant.

The settings outside the plant walls also play a part for the project. Consequently, it is important to us to consider and incorporate external elements when developing a turnkey solution. Examples of such factors are budget considerations, availability of fuels, and market structures (e.g. transmission system operators).

With our extensive expertise within the energy market, we guide you all the way through the project, and we use the dialogue to create the optimal solution for you.

Complete turkey solutions from A-Z

As a dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced contractor, we can supply you with a complete turnkey solution covering everything from A-Z. And by everything we truly mean everything. This entails many different yet connected steps in the journey towards a fully functional power plant.

The first phase might be as early as the identification of a suitable site in a chosen area. Oftentimes, this is followed by filling out applications for the authorities and handling some administrative procedures before the actual construction can be commenced. As part of the plant engineering, MAKEEN Power can also handle civil works such as foundations, water and gas supply, district heating and fence around the area. No task is too small or too big - it is a complete package, and everything is possible.

Assistance after turning the key

With a turnkey solution, personnel from MAKEEN Power handle all activities until the key is handed over. You only have to find staff to operate the plant. However, if you want to focus your efforts on other areas of your business and immerse yourself in e.g. sales or marketing, you can also leave the daily operation to us and our facility management solution.

A smooth daily operation of a power plant requires quality equipment - both for the facility itself and the spare parts it needs. As a result, MAKEEN Power also offers spare parts to help your power plant maintain its efficiency. If you need filters for engines and turbines, cleaning fluids or other spare parts for your power plant, we can assist you with our wide selection of original spare parts.