Technology and fuel options

MAKEEN Power offers solutions tailored exactly to your needs and site. Two of the important choices when constructing a new power plant concern the plant technology and the fuel. With our extensive knowledge of and experience within the energy market, we can guide you safely all the way.

Whenever we start off a new project, the first item on the agenda is to disclose and analyse your energy need and investigate the market in which you are operating. This provides us with essential insights and thereby enables us to establish which technology, and corresponding fuel, is best suited for your specific context.

Choosing the right technology

Your requirements for the power plant output are decisive when choosing between turbines or engines to run the facilities.

Some customers need a power plant that can run constantly. A power supply that operates continuously and always delivers a steady and reliable output. Others customers require facilities that can start/stop when needed. This flexibility is necessary if the facilities shall function e.g. as a backup unit or as a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) system. In case of power interruptions, such systems step in, and with the UPS you are ensured an almost immediate power supply.

Choosing the right fuel

No engine or turbine can run on air - at least not yet. Therefore, the availability of fuels is a decisive factor when designing and constructing a power plant. With the right choice of fuel, we can create the best and most profitable power plant for you.

When choosing fuel for you power plant, it is - in addition to considerations regarding availability - important to note that some fuels and technologies are a better match than others. At MAKEEN Power, we focus on guiding you through the options and find the optimal solution for your business and site. Our plants can run on a wide range of fuels - everything within the spectrum from (synthetic) natural gas to crude oil - and each type has its own advantages.

To exemplify, some fuels are ideal for engines that are required to start and stop according to the energy demand. Such fuels are for instance natural gas (NG), synthetic natural gas (SNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Common to these are that they are readily available from e.g. tanks.

On the contrary, other fuels are better suited for plants that need to run uninterruptedly, e.g. due to a vast and constant need for energy. Examples of these fuels include liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biogas (LBG). Turbines running on LNG or LBG are very effective for such purposes but do, however, require more energy to resume production after a production pause, compared to the abovementioned start/stop suited fuels like NG, SNG and LPG.