Relocation of facilities

At MAKEEN Power, we know that only few things in the world are forever stable and static. Like much else, the local demand and need for power can fluctuate, and in the dynamic present context it is necessary to accommodate such changes. As a result, we have specialised in relocating existing power plants to improve flexibility and optimise output.

A response to changing power demands

The demand for power can go both up and down, and relocating a power plant is a great way to respond to changing needs. The reasons for an increased/decreased demand can be many. One explanation could be that markets and consequently their profitability change. For example, new governmental initiatives or subsidies can play a role and make one location more lucrative than others.

Another explanation could be that a brand new power plant can be a heavy investment at some places and points in time. In such cases, relocating facilities is an excellent and cheaper option if power demand is high and resources available.

As a result, relocating a power plant can be a good solution both in terms of utilising the facilities and gaining profit.

Safe relocation of power plants

A power plant can be relocated anywhere, domestically as well as internationally. No matter where the new destination is, MAKEEN Power ensures a safe relocation from A-Z - from taking down the plant to reconstructing it at the new site. As a part of the process, MAKEEN Power also makes sure to preserve the engine while it is out of operation. Thereby, it will still be fully functional when installed at the new site.

Considering to sell or buy a power plant?

With our extensive track record dating back to 1947, we know all corners of the power market. We are therefore acquainted and in touch with players who are looking to both sell and buy power plants. Whether you are interested in parting with or acquiring a power plant, MAKEEN Power can provide you with the grand overview.