Pre-owned facilities

If you are not interested in investing in brand new power facilities, the possibility of purchasing pre-owned equipment might appeal to you. With pre-owned power facilities, you can get the same advantages as with newly produced facilities even though financial constraints or other factors might prevent you from buying new equipment.

As good as new

At MAKEEN Power, we always pay great attention to quality and safety, and of course this focus applies to pre-owned facilities as well. However, ensuring a high standard for previously used power equipment is actually no problem since the fact is that pre-owned facilities can be just as good as new. Due to thorough maintenance and timely renovations, 25-year-old equipment can appear and function on the same level as the brand new alternatives.

With our extensive knowledge and network, built up since 1947, we know all corners of the power market. As a result, we can provide you with a wide range of options when it comes to pre-owned facilities. And once you have decided on the pre-owned equipment you want, we can rebuild the facilities at your site. Simply, all you need is a building to house it, and then MAKEEN Power can take care of the rest. After the facilities have been installed, you can even leave the daily operation in our hands with a facility management agreement.