To provide you with a flexible and fast alternative to planning and constructing a complete power plant, MAKEEN Power also offers leasing agreements. Such flexible options can be advantageous for various reasons. However, the essence of our leasing solutions always remains the same: They give you immediate access to a fully equipped power plant without having to invest in facilities yourself.

Get your power within 30-60 days

If you need a large quantity of power fast, leasing could very well be the answer to your frustrations. This can be convenient in connection with for example temporary projects or special events. Or simply, if you for any reason suddenly have a high power demand and need a solution fast, MAKEEN Power can supply you with a leasing agreement. Whereas traditional plants can take 3-5 years to plan, permit and construct, we can deliver a leasing solution in as fast as 30-60 days.

Moreover, leasing is also an attractive option if you are not interested in investing in a power plant. Leasing facilities solves the problem and satisfies the demand for power even though financial constraints, uncertain conditions or other factors prevent you from buying the equipment.

Leasing can also prove its worth even if you have decided to build a power plant. As it takes several years from idea to finalisation of a plant, a leasing agreement can function as a temporary solution while the permanent plant is being built. You are thereby supplied with power the whole time - even though your own plant is still under construction.

Mobile solutions in co-operation with APR Energy

MAKEEN Power is co-operating with our American partner APR Energy when delivering leasing solutions. By joining forces, we can deliver a high quality product within the shortest time possible. We ensure you a complete power plant solution on a rental basis when time, financial constraints or other factors prevent your business from buying the equipment today.

APR Energy's idea of a movable power plant actually came up when Michael Jackson was about to tour with his Thriller album. The world-famous pop star had planned a show that demanded more power for sound and lights than any concert venue could offer. Therefore, APR Energy stepped in and developed a transportable truck solution that could supplement the venues' power supply. Michael Jackson got enough power for his show, and today the exact same solution serves as the base when we give our customers the possibility to lease a power plant.