Facility Management

With MAKEEN Power's facility management, you can leave all or part of the daily operation of your power plant in our experienced hands. The scope of the agreement is flexible and can be tailored exactly to your needs and preferences. Whether you are interested in a general service agreement or a full package in which we handle everything within the plant walls, we can create the right solution just for you. We can even cut the grass at the main entrance, if you like.

Based on a thorough study of your facility, we will provide proposals for one or more solutions, complete with details on the package, investment plans and calculations on the potential savings. It is important for us to build a partnership based on trust, co-operation and openness. This enables us to find the perfect combination of rational operation, high productivity and cost reduction.

Facility management options

Facility management is a flexible, modular system that allows you to pick the options and services relevant to your business context. We know that no plants are alike and that a fixed solution cannot take all site specific factors into account. Consequently, the facility management solutions from MAKEEN Power can handle the full spectre of tasks within a power plant - in partial as well as complete packages.

When you operate and manage the power plant yourself, facility management can support and enhance your performance in several ways. Our extensive experience and skilled technicians together provide a solid foundation for servicing and advising you to achieve the best results. Examples of support functions within facility management agreements include service visits with or without spare parts, an around-the-clock hotline, training of personnel, and feasibility studies to uncover areas with potential for improvement.

Another option is to leave all activities entirely in our hands with a full package facility management agreement. With such a package, we take over functions that may be secondary to your business, but are primary to ours. And after all, we know the equipment better than anyone. When you choose a full package agreement, we can take over present personnel, supply our own or even create a combination with our experienced supervisors managing the plant operators.

Advantages of facility management

Besides releasing resources internally in your organisation, the MAKEEN Power's facility management agreement offers you many advantages. Firstly, paying a fixed amount per month or per MW makes it much easier for you to budget, make investment plans and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Furthermore, your internal administration is simplified and cut down to a minimum. As we become the single point of contact in charge of all operation related issues, the administrative procedures are simplified significantly. MAKEEN Power can handle everything from production, maintenance and quality control to safety, environmental considerations, and training and motivation of personnel. With only one point of contact, you always know who to call.

In addition, you will enter into a partnership where know-how on machines, efficient operation and the latest technology is freely exchanged between us. Thereby, the role of MAKEEN Power changes from being a supplier of only technical solutions to being a supplier of also insights and benefits. This will streamline and optimise your production and consequently help you reduce costs and increase profits.

Leaving all or part of your power plant operations in our hands is an efficient and profitable solution as both parties can focus on their own strong competences. We focus on the operation and maintenance of the plant while you can concentrate your efforts on sales, marketing and distribution.