Customer-focused development

For MAKEEN Power, the pivotal point is always the customer. Developing a power solution that fulfils the needs and fits a given site is our finest and proudest job. To ensure customer-focused operations, we utilise our extensive knowledge about the power industry in every project. Whether we focus on business development or have our hands deep into the development of engineering plans, we consider the customer needs carefully from the very beginning the very end.

Business development - according to customer needs

All you need to do is register a power need. Simply, once you have told us what you need, we are able to set in and help you with business development of your power facilities. Using your power need as a starting point, we will then move backwards step by step in order to find the most optimal solution for you - and every corner of your business. We investigate how to provide the cheapest possible solution, consider your payments wishes - and go through all other aspects related to the development of a power plant.

Thus, by using our expertise and combining it with our customer-focused approach, we are able to optimise your business development with the best possible solutions.

Engineering - according to customer needs

Optimising the power plant engineering has significant impact on the final result. Consequently, at MAKEEN Power we put great effort in developing engineering solutions in close cooperation with our customers. In our opinion, dialogue is the only tool that enables us to adjust the project engineering to the specific needs and site.

Engineering for a power plant covers a wide range of disciplines. MAKEEN Power can handle all engineering activities from A-Z, mechanical as well as electrical, and examples of such engineering tasks include:

  • Foundations
  • Buildings
  • Piping
  • Electric installations
  • Fuel
  • Technology