Plastic to oil

Plastic waste is an enormous global challenge that threatens the natural environmental balance in many places around the world. Recycling is not an option everywhere, and plastic waste is often simply disposed of by burning it - which is inefficient and bad for the environment. A much better option is to turn that plastic waste back into a useful resource, which is what MAKEEN Power's Plastic to Oil solution offers.

We feed batches of shredded, granulated plastic waste into an incinerator, where it is subjected to pyrolysis - a process where the plastic is subjected to high temperatures and no oxygen. This returns the plastic to a liquid state while releasing gases that we then distil into either diesel fuel or gasoline. The process has an efficiency rate of 80%, which means that 10 tons of plastic waste produce 8 tons of usable fuel. The remaining 20% is made up of pyrolysis gas that is fed back into the system to fuel the process. 

The system is available as a stationary system, or we can deliver it as a series of mobile frames the size of 20' containers: One frame that holds the incinerator, one frame that holds the distilling equipment, and a frame that holds the utilities to control the process. This allows our Plastic to Oil plants to be deployed temporarily wherever they are most needed. If you are not interested in purchasing your own Plastic to Oil plant, it is also available for leasing.

Our Plastic to Oil system can have a beneficial effect on local communities. By offering locals the opportunity to collect and sell their plastic waste, you provide them with an additional source of income while cleaning up the environment and producing useful fuel in the process - a true win-win solution.

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