Gas turbines

The gas turbine is the heart of a power generating plant. It converts the energy stored in fuel to mechanical energy in the form of rotational power. This energy is transferred to a generator that produces electrical energy for use in homes and businesses. Gas turbines come in many sizes and can deliver power to anywhere from a single residential block to a medium-sized city or a gigantic industrial complex.

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OPRA Turbines

Renowned for their high efficiency and reliability, OPRA Turbines is a leading global provider of turbine powered energy solutions and turbine generating sets in the 2MW power range. OPRA's radial configuration offers superior robustness and performance when compared to conventional axial turbines.

Solar Turbines

Mid-size industrial gas turbines are Solar Turbines' specialty. Their product line encompasses six families of gas turbine engines: Saturn, Centaur, Mercury, Taurus, Mars, and Titan, spanning from 1590 to 30,000 horsepower with an output of 1 to 22 MW. Solar's gas turbines are able to run on several kinds of fuel, including natural gas, LNG, renewable fuels (e.g. landfill or sewage gases), and many more.

Reliability, low emissions, and minimal noise characterize Solar's gas turbines. They provide clean, sustainable energy with consideration for the health and well-being of workers, communities and the environment.


General Electric

GE is the world's largest manufacturer of gas turbine technology, with turbines ranging from 34 MW to 557 MW. In other words, their turbines can fit every need. As an added bonus, GE makes turbines with some of the most cost-effective and reliable turbines in the industry. Whether used in simple or combined-cycle operation, these turbines have proven their worth in every corner of the globe.