Our history

The history of MAKEEN Power can be traced back to 1947, when SADE, a precursor to Sadelmi, was established by the Orsi family in Argentina. Over the years, ownership of the company changed hands several times, and the name has also undergone a series of changes. In 2011 the company emerged as SADELMI Power with the ambitious goal of continuing its decades long legacy as a leading provider of power plants.

Over the last few decades SADELMI Power has built utilities worth a total of 8,000 MW in power featuring as many as 60 turbines or more. Today power plants and power stations designed and built by SADELMI Power can be found in almost all countries around the world.

In 2016 SADELMI Power entered into a powerful coalition with MAKEEN Power to become a supplier of 360 degree tailor-made solutions in the establishment of flexible power plants.

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