Our expertise

The expertise offered by MAKEEN Power involves more than simply delivering power plants. We work as a strategic business partner and assist our customers from the initial idea till long after the power generating solution has been commissioned.

We deliver expert energy solutions tailored to your needs. We find the ideal solution for you based on the type of fuel available to you and the mix of new, pre-owned and rented equipment you wish to use and within your budget. We can even tailor the installation according to how green you want to go.

We can even offer to take on the entire daily operation of the plant if you wish to focus on other aspects of your business. This is what we call facility management and this service includes full maintenance and repairs executed by qualified MAKEEN Power staff to ensure a smooth operation and secure the agreed output.

It is also within our long experience to assist you in relocating an existing power plant to a new site at home or abroad or indeed facilitate selling your plant to a new owner or an investor.

image of power plant AL Hidd 1 by night