Corporate Social Responsibility

Our social responsibility is rooted in our corporate values shared with our parent company, MAKEEN Energy, and expressed through the way we meet the world and how we do business. We encourage a corporate sustainability culture, and our staff at all levels of our organisation is empowered to work towards this shared vision. We believe that everyone has the power to influence and to make a change. We are committed to being a force for progress and development for all our stakeholders.

The use of energy is growing beyond the point of no return making a reliable power supply ever more important in developed societies, as well as being a catalyst for improved living conditions and indeed being central to businesses around the globe to function. In many parts of the world, the energy infrastructure is a barrier to running a large business that depends on a constant supply of power for lighting, machinery, air conditioning, heating etc., let alone the impact of these businesses on society in terms of economy, jobs, security and derived benefits on equity, poverty, health and climate.

We believe in clean energy. Especially countries that are behind schedule in their climate commitments pay great attention to greener solutions. We are proud to be part of climate-friendly approaches in our partnerships with governments, utility providers and other corporations.

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