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Gas turbines

The gas turbine is the heart of a power generating plant. It converts the energy stored in fuel to mechanical energy in the form of rotational power. This energy is transferred to a generator that produces electrical energy for use in homes and businesses. Gas turbines come in many sizes and can deliver power to anywhere from a single residential block to a medium-sized city or a gigantic industrial complex. MAKEEN Power selects the brands and companies that have a proven commitment to quality, efficiency, and performance. That means that no matter what your requirements may be, MAKEEN Power will always be able to offer products that exceed your expectations.


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Our organisation

In 2016, SADELMI Power joined forces with MAKEEN Power. Our history dates back to 1947, and today our teams in Italy and Denmark use their wide knowledge in every project.


MAKEEN Power develops and constructs power solutions all over the world. Fill out the contact form, or contact our offices in Denmark or Italy for informal talks about the possibilities.